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Monday, June 6, 2011


You might have heard from a lot of people and mostly high profile SEO professionals like Mike Monahan, the buzz is out there but only now it is official. Meta-tags cannot get you classified and ranked like some few years back. It is believed that this is due to Google’s efforts to reward the right effort for every website owner.

Following Google drastic move from use of Keywords and meta-tags to classify your website, the new SEO gems are the descriptions and the content of the whole website. Now good content writers will be rewarded more by Uncle Google.

You will also notice that other search engines Yahoo, Ask and Bing are still using the meta-tags and keywords to help define what your website is about. So, that is a reason enough not to exclude the keyword meta-tags in your SEO strategy. You can get more by being specific. Use right keywords on relevant content, just don’t be spammy.

Remember the emphasy is on your descriptions; pay more attention to your meta-description. Make sure you place a description of your sight that tightly fits the purpose of your website. That is your leverage.

I believe as an “online person” you have heard over a hundred times that your website should not be covered in flash at all instead use TEXT. That is not to say that your website should not use JavaScript and all to make your website catchy and technology powered. As SEO experts, consultant or website owner, you realize what a central position the SEO copy writing takes. But use of text must be supplemented with your titles and sub titles.

You have the information. What can you do with it? As an SEO guru you can deliver better results for your clients while as a website owner now you can make informed web design decisions when it comes to choice of technology. You have a prototype plate to use when gauging consultants to hire the best.

Nothing can ever replace a website with high traffic. Nothing delivers that like a website designed and developed from a perspective of search engine optimization. For more information visit or give us a call on +254-727910389.
Kennedy O. Oketch
Social Media Expert and SEO Consultant

Monday, November 29, 2010

Local Business Center now Google Places and how it effects local SEO!

The swift or very informed firms or minds should know that now Google has recently rebranded its 'Local Business Center' to 'Google Places' while also making some radical and crucial new changes to the popular product.

These adaptations are being channeled out steadily and fast. Depending on the search term and the location, you may or not see them yet or only see them on some search queries.

Something worth noting down. The main new change is that ‘Google Place’ has become a new way to search. And going by the way it works it will be exciting if not interesting. Shouldn’t sound complicated, Once users have entered their search query. The first page of results will show a list of options for refining the search on the left-hand side of the page. The list may include images, videos, or books. Now, Places is one of the options. This will help speed and refine some searches.

There are other modifications to the way search results are shown which will make any decent SEO Company check their online campaigns. Google Place Search has now replaced the mapped listings and also the places listings push the rest of the organic listings below the fold. SEM agencies will now need to ensure that their client's sites are added to 'Google Place'.

Research will now have to be made to see what factors will affect where your site is ranked in the Google Places system. Reviews from other sites and listings in local directories are the main suggestions for improving rankings.

The fact that a well optimised site that was once top of the first page can now be pushed down to eighth! Which means digital marketing agencies will have to alter their local search optimisation campaigns, and fast before the new system is rolled out completely.

And this bring us to one most important point. We all need a new source of information regarding out search engine optimization and strategy you already are at it. Web&Marketing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Launch Android Marketplace For Kenya And South Africa, What Next?

Google launched android marketplace for Kenya and South Africa in Nairobi Kenya. This launch featured some of the VIPs of Google that included Joe Mucheru the current Google's Regional Lead for Sub-Saharan Africa and Nelson Mattos, Google's Vice President in charge of Engineering for Europe, Middle East and Africa Computer Science students, software developers and entrepreneurs among others.

The focus of the three days workshop was to indirectly market Google’ presence and use of their products in the local market. The workshop was also to build informational foundation that will see Android developers in the two African countries submit their applications online for sale or free download from Android users worldwide

On top of Google’s global successful products, Google recently launched this product after its recent launches that were aimed to localize it products and win over Africa. The latter includes Maps for Africa, hosting of Cache servers in the country and provision of branded email services for various service providers and organizations in the region. Cache servers are servers that replicate locally Google’s most accessed content making it faster to access the content and saving on international bandwidth.

This will create Android Marketplace where, Android users in Kenya and South Africa can now purchase and download applications from the Android marketplace. Joe Mucheru said that Google is still working on local modes of payment for the Android marketplace and may support mobile payment in the future. Developers were also reminded that applications submitted to the Android market place are a free-for-all and not vetted.

Mattos said Google is interested in Kenya as the country is in the middle of a huge transformation with the internet especially taking stock of the recent arrival of three sub-marine fibre cables. Mattos added that the country has a vibrant IT community with a high quality of graduates from the universities.

In the recent past Kenya has shown fast ICT growth from the Government to local operating organisations to foreign investors’. This has attracted a monumental attention from giant net companies like Google, Internet network infrastructure builders and world economic powers and power brokers.

What does this say to you and me? It all spells that the wide use of internet as the major, maybe the only tool of communication, learning and marketing era is knocking the door. We should expect millions and millions of websites from one country like Kenya as more people and aggressive entrepreneurs will be investing in multiple enterprises.

It also means that all these websites will be competing for the same maybe less traffic from the normal number of popular search engines.

The one billion dollar question is: How well or competitively are you prepared for it? Get marketing tools and strategies that guarantee your future competitiveness.

Hire me and my team now or our company for consultancy, online marketing strategies, web design and social media marketing put just that in your hand.

Web development and Online Marketing that works

Thousands and thousands of business are registered every single day. All of them need some kind of marketing. Today internet marketing has been the most widely used.

Following the fact, web development services are sought from a professional website design company or a website design expert all around the clock. The problem though has never been whether to acquire the most needed website or not but rather what kind of website to acquire, which web design company to contract and what features to recommend.

To quickly find out who to contract you need to understand the target company or the website design or online marketing expert. Companies or experts should be judged based on what they can do rather than what they have done.

Most web designs are customized according to how the owner thinks it fits best instead of how it should be. So the design and sometime the functionality are completely compromised to an extent that it won't please anybody but the owner. So to avoid such cases a keen eye should be placed on the contracting.

Also of gross importance is what search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN think about it if at all the website is to be a marketing tool. Keyword research is recommended. Your sales copy need to be not only well written but optimized fully with your keywords. Followed by formula and strategy based search engine optimization.

When the aspects of skilled and innovative web design expert is combined with the formula based SEO strategy the result is a marketing addict. A machine that drives in thousands of traffic and coverts with a little bounce rate.

So the problems of most unperforming websites starts with bad strategy. Or even worse escalates when detected and ignored. So if you have unperforming website just contact a specialist or if you need a website have a good strategy can save you a lot of time, money and other resources. Make an informed decision.

The Fast Changing Makerting Tools

Today when a company's marketing team sets out on the boardroom table to strategize on a marketing campaign, the biggest question is; what percentage of our campaign should be covered by Social Media, and what percentage should we distributed among the other tools? Whether we like or not the internet still takes a bigger percentage of our marketing strategies.

So this trend has given rise to groups of marketing individuals and companies that sell information, tools & marketing software and even services to people with needs. The most common thing across the market is the similarities of demands and behavior of people with needs. All customers need results. Also notable is that some give up on their service providers and swiftly switch to a different SP after a while, while some quit altogether.

But the prudent business owners choose service providers that are innovative and those that does not limit their use of marketing tools. The tools that service providers use can be traditional or non- traditional it all depends on the level at which the customer wants his campaign to reach and the target audience.

All marketing tools work to a certain percentage or level depending on skills and innovative abilities of the service providers. These tools have tremendously changed from what they used to be. Now the working and the result bringing tools are what was thought not working. The secrete lies in finding the leverage. To name a few search engine optimization, social websites like face book and Twitter, Google adsense and blogs when used correctly and masterfully with professionals brings industry changing results.

For the success of a marketing campaign to be achieved the following should be highly considered:

-What tools are going to be integrated and to what percentage?
-How long is it going to take before the message is in the air?
-The number of people the opted tools can and will reach? And
-What methods will be used to evaluate the ROI?

So the success of your campaign is in your hands and the good news is that you can pitch it another notch. So go out there and get or create the results that you want.

The First African Gorvenment to Have e-registry website.

Thanks to Webmasters Kenya the Kenyan government became the first in Sub-Saharan Africa to have an e-registry website. The website exponentially improved efficiency to serve the public better. Today most Kenyans think about getting business license with a smile. Many reminisce about the tiring queues that they used to waste they time in to the point that they opt for most common avenue, the bribe.

The government today is hailed as a hero for performance in the ICT infrastructure development. Further more leading by example is not quite easy. Preaching water and taking the same is the worst part that is hated by many preachers.

The subject must be at the neck of the government for it to perform. In Kenya , even though a blameless government is impossible, the public must try to see some of the great performances by the government.

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